Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Eleven Hours of Tennis

Every part of my body hurts -- except for my hips! This past weekend I went to tennis camp in the Catskills. Ideally, you play 11 hours of tennis over the course of the two-day program, but going into it I wasn't sure how much I would be able to do.

Prior to my screw removal, I was up to playing tennis three times per week, and I'd played two consecutive days in a row, but every time I'd played it had only been for an hour or two total. Tennis camp was a whole new level of intensity.

And it was fantastic. I played every minute of the eleven hours, not holding myself back in any way, and my hips did not hurt for one second. Not the bones, not the small muscles inside, not the incision. My hips felt like there had never been anything wrong with them.

The rest of my body is another story. I am pretty sore! But it is a good feeling of having worked hard and pushed myself, and my tennis definitely got a big boost from all the instruction and practice, so it is all worth it.

New York City tennis season has officially started now that Central Park is open, and I am ready for a great summer of tennis with my new, sensational hips. Thank you Dr. Millis!