Tuesday, September 7, 2010

No News is Good News

No news really is good news. I haven't written here since April because I basically have not thought about my hips for months.

The entire summer I have been playing amazing amounts of tennis -- four times a week at my peak -- as well as walking up to five miles across the city at times. Through all of this, my hips have been completely pain-free.

I'd say my hips were "as good as new," except they actually are better than new. I never could have done this amount of activity with them pre-surgery. In the months before my first surgery I could barely play tennis once a week, let alone walk long distances.

My hips have now healed so well that in the midst of a tennis match I've actually forgotten that I even had surgery on them, or that they ever even pained me. Which is exactly how someone my age should feel about their hips while doing athletic activity, actually.

So thank you to Dr. Millis for re-aligning my chassis so that my hips can now carry me as smoothly as they should have from the beginning. My tennis opponents wish you'd left me as I was. :)