Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Five Months Post-Op

At this point, my right (operated) hip is functioning at 100% for all walking-related activities. I no longer have any of the pain I described in my previous entry: no more twinges, no more aches, no more stripes down my thigh.

I can walk for long distances and durations without my right hip causing me to limit myself. Of course, I still get tired and footsore, but that is in a more general sense; I would have gotten tired anyway at some point!

I have now been seeing a trainer for about a month. My first training session was quite light and yet the soreness afterwards was wretched, mostly in my quads. I honestly had trouble walking and supporting myself with my quads for the first few days after the session, and I was in quite a bit of muscular pain. I suppose it was something I was just going to have to go through on the way to getting my quads back in gear, but I have to admit I wasn't aware that my quads were *that* weak!

Since that first session, my trainer has been stepping up the workouts in intensity and pace as my strength and endurance increase. I'd say my fitness is about 75% of what it was last year at this time, when I was playing tennis 5x per week and seeing a trainer regularly. I have some work to do, but obviously it feels good to be back on the path to fitness again.

For the time being, my trainer is being very careful with my (weak) hip flexors and with any impact exercises. So far my hip has not hurt during or after any of the training sessions. During one session my right hip flexor was definitely exhausted, but the joint itself did not hurt and the hip flexor in question was not even sore the following day.

On my own I am working on cardio on the exercise bike and to a lesser extent, introducing the elliptical machine. I am up to 45 minutes at about level 7 or 8 (out of 20) so that is still not hugely impressive on a cardiovascular level.

I am still not swimming. I know it is good for me but I just hate it and so I am still resisting it by making all sorts of excuses.

My numb spot still comes and goes but I never even notice it unless I am purposely paying attention to it.

My scar hasn't really made a ton of progress since the last time I posted a picture, and it still itches sometimes at the top, where that abscess was for a while, although the abscess has closed up and the scar is totally "healed" at this point. But scars do tend to keep that mauve look on me for a long time before they whiten up, so it is not surprising to me that it is essentially unchanged. And it doesn't matter anyway since Dr. Millis is just going to open it back up again in November to take the screws out on that side.

Speaking of November, my left hip (which is scheduled for surgery in three months, on November 2) still hasn't made a single peep of pain all summer.