Tuesday, January 26, 2010


On Sunday I played tennis for the first time post-LPAO! It felt great to be back on the court, and both my hips felt great before, during and after.

I played doubles for two whole hours, and while I didn't go for any crazy gets, I didn't hold myself back too much either. Obviously I was a bit rusty, but for the most part I felt really good and like I am ready to start playing regularly again. Yippee!!

I have been doing a lot with my hip lately: walking to and from work (it is only 20 min. each way), Pilates, spinning, and seeing my trainer twice a week. All that work has obviously built up the muscles quite well, and the spinning has been improving my cardio quite a bit.

So fitness-wise, things are going very well. Tomorrow I am going up to Dr. Su's office to get my 12-week post-op xray of the left hip, so we'll see how the progress is going on the inside as well. Dr. Su is a hip specialist at the Hospital for Special Surgery here in New York, and the doctor who first diagnosed my hip dysplasia and referred me to Dr. Millis. I'm having my xray done there so I don't have to drive all the way up to Boston, and so that Dr. Su can see the end result of his initial diagnosis.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Eleven Weeks Post-LPAO

My hip has been doing spectacularly well for the last week or so, with no significant episodes of pain or limitation at all.

Prior to that there was unpredictable, variable pain that seemed unconnected to my activity level. The pain would appear without warning, sometimes in the front of the hip, sometimes in the back, on the ischium, and sometimes, more rarely, on the outside of my hip. It would last for a random amount of time, and then it would disappear, seemingly without cause.

For example, one morning I woke up and had pain with every step I took with my left hip, for no apparent reason. I hadn't pushed the hip the day before, or done anything out of the ordinary. I rested all that day, hoping that would help, but the hip continued to hurt in what felt like the small muscles surrounding the hip, as if I'd overdone it walking or something. Which I hadn't. The pain lasted into the next day and then, as suddenly as it had appeared, it disappeared. For no reason. Frustrating.

The last episode of that inexplicable pain was about a week ago. Since then, my hip hasn't complained at all, despite an increase in my walking, intensification of my workouts with my trainer, and the addition of both swimming and spinning to my regimen. In fact, my hip has taken all these challenges in stride (pun, sorry) and has felt great.

So I don't know how to explain any of it. All I can report is that I've been doing more and more with my hip and it has been feeling good. My right hip, which is now ten months out from its PAO, feels great as well. My fitness level is improving markedly and I'm starting to feel like my old self again.

Next week I will get another x-ray taken and I'll have more to report once Dr. Millis has commented on it.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Nine Weeks Post-LPAO

After my RPAO, I started my nine weeks post-op entry jubilant about finally being allowed to wean myself off crutches. Juxtapose that with today's entry, nine weeks after my LPAO and here I've been walking for three weeks already!

Well, that is a bit of an exaggeration. I only ditched the crutches totally about two weeks ago, but since then I've been walking more and more, trying to get my strength up. I went to Europe right after Christmas and although my hip tired easily, for the most part I felt pretty good through airport transfers, post-holiday sale strolls, and museum visits. I even took a 10 mile bicycle ride one ambitious morning.

I can't say my hip was pain-free -- when it got tired, it definitely got sore, but I was good about making sure I always had an "escape route:" a cafe to rest in, a subway to jump on, a cab to hail, etc. so I never got stuck anywhere having to push my hip past its limits just to get home.

Now I'm all moved back into my apartment in NYC, my office at work, my normal life. Well, almost normal. I still don't think I can make it far enough to walk to work yet. And I definitely need some time before I can play tennis again. But I'm progressing really fast and I'll get there soon enough. Who wants to walk to work in these sub-zero temperatures anyway?